In 2014, a new product type of UCN was born.

The intelligent blackboard was not born to be best seller,
but to be a considerate companion that understand customers’needs and can create value for them.

6th Generation Nano Intelligent Blackboard

Exquisite process Excellent performance IoT 2.0 Intelligent teaching

  • Extremely thin volume

    It’s only 70mm thick, 48% lighter than an ordinary one.

    Safe protection

    Its tempered glass surface is waterproof, dustproof and anti-riot.

    Laminating Process

    A super-large visual angle gives you the 4k high definition visual experience

  • Strong compatibility

    Connecting teaching system and reducing construction cost

    Wireless transmission screen

    Mobile phone / pad / computer directly connected to blackboard interactive teaching

    Zero downtime

    Can be repaired remotely when the two systems cannot respond

  • National Intelligent Things
    Regional cloud management
    Campus Smart Classroom

Support education with science and technology to share quality resources

Technology is only a means to promote the fundamental goal of education. That how to turn the power of science and technology into products to provide real and effective support for the education is always the persistent pursuit of UCN.

  • 30000+

    UCN provides high-quality products and services for over 30,000 standard classrooms in China.

  • 100%

    UCN’s marketing network covers the entire country to provide users with localized quick services.

  • 3

    UCN maintains a long-term R&D cooperation with Suzhou Institue of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (CAS), Tsinghua University and Soochow University.

  • 2010

    UCN was founded in 2010. It is a National High-Tech Enterprise and a gazelle company in Free Trade Zone of Southern Jiangsu. The founder of UCN is a state high-level science and technology leading talent of the organization department of the central

  • Company Qualification R&D Strength Manufacturing Scale System Protection

    • Company Qualification

      UC Nano Technologies Inc. is one of the “National High-Tech Enterprises” in the touch sensor field, and is awarded many prizes, such as one of the “most potential start up enterprise by technology talents of Jiangsu”, “a gazelle company in Free Trade Zone of Southern Jiangsu”, one of the “100 leading enterprises of fast growth in Jiangsu”, “Famous Brand in Suzhou”, etc. Since a new category of smart blackboard was created in 2014, it has become leading enterprises of the fourth generation education information equipment, with a 20% market share and the top three brand recognition. Many media carried special reports on it, such as CCTV News, Jiangsu Satellite TV(JSTV), Forbes, etc.

    • R&D Strength

      The founder of UCN has been admitted as the state high-level science and technology leading talents of the organization department of the central committee of the CPC, Innovative talents of the MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), the contact expert of talent department of CPC central committee and the member of the member of the national science and technology expert database of the MOST. There are 100% research staffs having graduate degree or above, and 85% staffs with a bachelor degree or above. UCN has established long-term relationships with many institutions to maintain a strategic leading position, such as the material projects cooperated with Institute of Nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Nanjing University of Posts And Telecommunications; and projects of intelligent chip and algorithm with Tsinghua University and Suzhou University. UCN has 364 patents now and 80 new ones are increased each year; it has intellectual property management system certification; and it is the engineering technology research center of large surface flexible sensor in Suzhou.

    • Manufacturing Scale

      UCN aims at making human life smarter and better. It starts from educational Informatization. It attach a great importance to product quality, delivery time and cost performance. At present, there are 10,000 square meters of automated, dust-free factories are in operation, and 35,000 square meters of smart sensing industrial parks are under construction. It has cooperated with two listed electronics manufacturing companies. UCN has set up a professional team to develop standards and quality control system, to flexibly control the small and batch delivery of efficient and timely, and ensure the consistency of product quality.

    • System Protection

      Talent System:UCN appreciates the role of talents in providing users with better and better products and services. It has established a more and more consummate talent system from selection, training, assessment, guidance to promotion. Human Channel System:In order to find partners who can grow and develop together and achieve win-win in the long run, UCN has set up increasingly perfect channel management system and channel service system to put more resources on them. Human Supply Chain System: For the better sustainable development, UCN has developed strict and meticulous quality control procedures and specifications, continuously investing the detection equipment and personnel. All departments of UCN in the front end supervise the improvement of user satisfaction while taking into account social responsibility. Now, it has obtained the certificate of quality management system (in Chinese and English) and certificate of environmental management system (in Chinese and English). Human After-Sale System: Let professional do professional. In order to makes users have no additional worries, UCN has set 7*24 hours service system for instant response. In case of any problems, the personnel shall arrive at the site for investigation within 4 hours in the same city and 12 hours in different cities and timely replace the key parts of large projects. Service Hotline:4006-192-129

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